FBM Solutions Distribution Software:

FBM solution “Distribution software” provides the real time technology to manage complete supply chain of any product from end to end. Our highly flexible and cost efficient Distribution software allows you to get connected to your distributor, retailers and on field staff in one mouse click. Adopting new technology in distribution process will help you attain your business goals and allow you to take informed decisions.

Businesses are reliant on Distribution & regardless of size are striving for similar goals, Profitable growth within a strict cost structure. Our SaaS cloud based distribution software solution solves this problem by allowing you to manage your entire distribution chain to the last detail while leveraging our in depth data analytics allow you to take informed decisions.

The solution utilizes mobile apps to connect field users directly into the platform to make all the reporting realtime & providing you the big picture in an instant. So are you ready to embrace technology with FBM solutions smart “Distribution software” to drive your business to next level? Request a DEMO today.

Distribution Software Features:

FBM Solutions Distribution software provides a complete, robust suite of business software solutions that help address and resolve all of specific distribution challenges. Whether you’re looking to optimize your operations, warehouse, supply chain, and inventory; manage key customer interactions that build loyalty, improve marketing efforts, and increase sales; gain financial insight to better manage cash flow and profitability; or maximize your return on investment in business, we have smart solutions to all your basic business needs within our unique software.

Monitoring on field staff performance is now on a mouse click. Assign them daily beat on their online devices, capture visuals on the client front and upload for the managers to review, set up sales hierarchy within your team members, employee location tracking, generating executive level sales and order reports, recording and return of damaged goods are some of the key features which are taken good care with our distribution software.
Flexibly and Intelligent reporting is our tangible value proposition that will make an impact to your bottom line.